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A true nail brand by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

Hey nail-addicts! We’re so excited to meet you all – we’re completely inspired by this crazy, supportive MeeBox community and your stunning manis.
So who ARE we?? Well, we’re three girls just like you , who absolutely LOVE nail polish…


LJ. The Visionary. Florida-based.

LJ’s our Creative Director. There ain’t much LJ don’t know about nails – she’s a qualified CND nail technician, alongside running her own web design business and studying for a degree in Interior Design. Woah. Basically, this girl can’t get enough of making beautiful things!
LJ’s heart and soul goes into visualising and creating the monthly themes for MeeBox – it borders on obsession… Every single detail gotta be PERFECT - she has Pinterest boards coming out of her ears!
A chatterbox bubbling over with positivity, LJ refreshes Instagram so much when a new MeeBox comes out, that her phone battery dies in a matter of hours…

Favourite MeeBox Theme: 

‘Argh don’t make me choose between my babies!!! Ok, I’ll say Kawaii – that box knocked it out of the park. It was a spring theme, but in true MeeBox style we would never be that obvious, so going Japanese cute with pastel shades, toaster decals and happy cat nail clippers was SO MEE!'


Nathalie. The Hustler. LA-based

Nat’s the reason we started MeeBox in the first place – a complete nail polish addict with the world’s most epic collection of pinks, corals and reds! She’s our Business Development Director - a determined, tenacious, independent spirit who knocks on doors and fills up inboxes every month searching for the right brands and products to make your MeeBox #somee (and bring LJ’s imagination to life!).

Nathalie knows the beauty industry inside out – she used to run her own hair salon, and is now a freelance hair and beauty photographer who’s worked with the likes of Vidal Sasoon (as well as once shooting Queen Bey. Who run the world?? GIRLS GIRLS).

Favourite MeeBox Theme: 

‘#CaliforniaDreamin. It was our first box and has my ultimate favourite colour, mint green. Cali is the place I really feel at home and all the colours together really do mirror a true Californian sunset.’


Bee. The Whirlwind. London-based.

Bee’s a born entrepreneur who can’t believe her luck to be running a business with two of her best friends. Bee’s our Marketing & Operations director, which basically means she’s the glue that holds it all together! One day she’ll packing your MeeBoxes, the next day she’ll be sharing the MeeBox story with the beauty bloggers storming the internet, and on a weekend she’ll be adding up how much LJ and Nat have spent bringing those amazing themes to life!!

Bee’s an absolute powerhouse of energy, ideas and strategy, who’s also directed award-winning documentaries, interviewed and filmed global hip hop stars such as Ice T, Wu Tang Clan for and consulted for places like The Old Vic theatre and the Natural History Museum. She eats, sleeps and breathes MeeBox, and pretty much bursts with pride when she sees how we’re creating a business with women, for women!

Favourite MeeBox Theme: 

‘#HelloSailor – it’s an absolute classic. Who doesn’t need a beautiful red, dark blue and white in their lives? I love the mix of brands - Cassella (an indie) Nails inc (main stream, well-known) and Crabtree + Evelyn (our first partnership with the beauty brand, not known for their polishes) - and the nail art accessories, especially the gold anchor charms.’

Meet the girls

Emma Wood (aka: LJ)

Creative Director

[email protected]

Nathalie Gordon

Business Development

[email protected]

Bhavna Malkani (aka: Bee)

Marketing & Operations

[email protected]

The Tripod

But the real magic of MeeBox lies in the three of us together. As LJ says, we’re like a tripod – take one away and the whole thing would fall over. Totally passionate, determined and hardworking, we’re constantly on our What’sApp group (night and day because of the time zones!) planning new ways to bring creativity, surprise, fun and value for money to our customers. And it’s ALL worth it when we see your responses on Instagram and Twitter when you receive your boxes! Thank you SO much!

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