Brand Spotlight... Ard as Nails

image1-3 The Indie nail polish community is rife with amazing girls hand making their own fabulous polish. To say we are addicted is an understatement! Our latest MeeBox - Sugar Skulls featured Kat from ¬†and her brand Ard as Nails. We are so amazed we decided to ask her a few questions: 1. Tell us about your range and what inspired it? 'Ard As Nails was born following a year and a half building up my Company Soap-Dodger where we make hand made bath and beauty products. Nail Varnish seemed like the next logical step and once I started playing around with colours I just couldn't stop. We create collections of nail polishes which are 5 free and last month we were approved by PETA for being Vegan and Cruelty Free. 2. How have you been growing? Since launching the brand and using Instagram, the business has gone from strength to strength. The IG community is so friendly and interactive it's really made a huge difference to getting my brand seen. img_1553 Photo credit @furiousfiler 3. What are your Inspirations behind ‚ÄòArd as Nails. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, from friends and family, to seasonal trends to my favourite movies. Being surrounded by so many nail fans and seeing how creative they are also manages to inspire a lot of inspiration. 4. How do you select the colours? Selecting the colours depends on what inspires me. Sometimes ideas pop into my head and then I have a friend who brainstorms with me which can lead to all sorts of ideas. I also have recently started doing collaborations with people and allowing them to decide where the colours go and then I try to match what they want to their ideas. 5. What are your favourite ‚ÄòArd as Nails colours I always tend to gravitate towards Reds and Pinks and in all honest my first Red Holographic was named Little Legs (my husbands nickname) and it was also my first Meebox contribution. For those reasons it will always remain a favourite of mine. img_3307 Little Legs as featured in January's Blackberry Margarita MeeBox - Photo credit @acertainbeccaa 6. Are there any stories behind each polish colour? Each collection normally has some sort of a story. My favourite was the first holographic collection named 'Here Come The Boys'. My husband and 4 of his friends are all in the construction industry and one evening we all went for a drink and I told them I had considered naming products after all of them. They all got quite excited about the thought of a male grooming product being named after them. Little did they know that I had planned the nail polishes to be named after them using all their nicknames. The evening I broke the news to them that actually they weren't becoming grooming products but in fact nail polish was and still is one of the funniest nights I've had with them. It also helped that the collection was a massive success. 7. What makes ‚ÄòArd as Nails_ stand out from other polishes ? I like to think that the name helps as it's quite memorable. However I think Indie Brands in general, not just me, stand out because we tend to create and release much more creative polishes than the mainstream brands. 8. What has been your biggest achievement to date? For 'Ard As Nails I remember feeling like I had hit a real milestone when I sold out of the Bookouture Collection online within one hour. I restocked a week later and sold out again within a couple of hours. That really felt like an achievement! 9. If there was one person in the world you would want to wear your polish, who would it be? Missy Elliot. The woman has such a quirky style which I love and she always rocks some awesome nails! darealworld-4-26-2016 10. Where do you see ‚ÄòArd as Nails_ going in the future At the moment I can only see it growing bigger, however, I am never one to be narrow minded so who knows? 11. Where can we purchase ‚ÄòArd as Nails_? All of the nail varnish can be brought online at 12. If you could create a MeeBox theme what would it be? Thats easy it would be called the Meebox Girls! I would build a box based on the three of you. After all you are the creators why don't you pick your favourites and share them with all of us!  

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