Brand Spotlight... Nail Supplies

image2 Wondering who was behind the Clear Jelly Stamper featured in #Hitched MeeBox? Meet Chrissie Pearce, from Nail Supplies, the UK's main distributor for Clear Jelly Stamper. We spoke with Chrissie about her inspirations, all things nails and top accessory for upcoming wedding season...   MeeBox: Tell us a little bit more about Nail Supplies. How did you get started? Chrissie Pearce: I'm a nail tech myself and I've been doing nails for 8 years, after becoming a nail educator in 2014 alongside still doing nails I decided I didn't want to be brand biased and created a website where techs can find things I know actually work and last- so I try everything on my large client base and if it lasts and is a great product then it makes it to the website! I also have a collection of other bits I love on there too and love sourcing products that are usually hard to acquire in the UK like MDU stamping polish. I hope other techs will love the products as much as me! MB: What are your inspirations? CP: I'm inspired by creators of products that make our lives as technicians easier, I admire Debbie Duxley, the inventor of the Clear Jelly Stamper, and as a professional I choose to support professional products alike. I take inspiration from everywhere and use it on my clients as well as research and input for the website. MB: What have been your challenges? CP: Building the website, taking orders/posting and trying to run my salon and do clients has been challenging! I spend my evenings replying to lots of emails and messages of help and advice - But I love it! I am also currently researching and testing my own brand of gel to accompany acrylic already in production in our joint company CJP nail systems alongside Jemma Porch. MB: Your favourite nail product on nail supplies and why? CP: The Layered stamping plates! Again created by Debbie, these are a 1st for stamping, layering up a design that looks like it's been hand painted is amazing and so time saving when doing nails!! MB: If you were a nail polish colour, what shade would you pick and why? CP: Royal Blue! I love this colour and the depth it gives on nails and although a bright colour I love that it goes with anything! MB: What is your favourite wedding accessory from Nail Supplies? CP: Reflections Glitter mix, a perfect company to any nail design bringing a bit of bling to the wedding... MB: Any celebrity nails you admire - if so, who and why? CP:Rihanna! I love her quirky style and designs she has on her nails. MB: You're in luck Chrissie, as our next MeeBox is #RiriMee - a theme dedicated to Rihanna!    

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