Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month –  an annual campaign, close to our hearts, that aims to increase awareness of the disease. To help, this month’s MeeBox is dedicated to all things pink. Each subscriber will receive a Lucky Dip MeeBox where all colours in the box will be range of different pinks and you guessed it – will be a Lucky Dip! We have also teamed up with the awesome folks at Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) by donating 10% of all our October sales will go to this wonderful charity supporting women through the visible effects of cancer. The charity held their first UK workshop in 1994, and to date, has supported over 114,000 patients. They work with over 50 companies and brands from the beauty industry, to help patients regain a sense of normality, at a time when treatment can feel overwhelming. We caught up with Sarah Stanford, a LGFB beneficiary, who tells us a little bit more about this worthy cause… ‘During my first chemo session, the nurse told me about it (LGFB). She said if I get a chance to attend - grab it! I put my name down straight away (there was only a couple of spaces left), there is definitely a buzz about them. Prior to the workshop the only time I met anyone in a similar situation to myself, was waiting in hospital waiting rooms or during my 3 hour chemo sessions - ain’t nobody that chatty then! The workshop gave me an opportunity to meet these same ladies, in a much more relaxed, non-poking-or-prodding environment. It was a very special afternoon.’ ‘The workshop was such fun! There were six of us ladies - 3 of them sporting the same hair-do as myself (which really was lovely)!  We were each given a goody bag which was bursting with everything we would need for a complete makeover. It was very sweet (and a bit emotional) as we realised we got to keep all our goodies.’ ‘Hosting the workshop were 6 lovely ladies, each of them had a background in hair and beauty - one was a TV make-up artist! They gave us some very practical tips for drawing on missing eyebrows and making it look like you have more than 20 eyelashes! All of these ladies were volunteers - one even baked cake! Such beautiful people, giving up their afternoon for us baldies, I am so grateful to them.’ Sarah continued to tell MeeBox… ‘For me, It’s not so much that things change, when you have cancer, it’s that you have so many extra things to do, new facets to adopt, a lot of them quite challenging in one way or another. So to have a cancer related activity that was so entirely positive, means a hell of a lot! (I’m smiling as I think of it).’ To donate visit Look Good Feel Better’s JustGiving page

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