Deco Miami chats to MeeBox

We at MeeBox (basically it's still just Bee, Nathalie and LJ running the show) always go above and beyond to introduce you to new, indie and your tried and tested favourite brands to your boxes each month. This month for our Sugar Skulls theme, not only did we feature an indie from the lovely Kat at 'Ard as nails we were so pleased to feature the amazing Julianna and her brand Deco Miami. sugar-skulls We set about asking her some questions and here is what she had to say: 1. Tell us about your range and what inspired it? Having a nail collection with colors that truly “go” together has been a fun challenge to tackle. Looking at the colors on Miami art deco buildings has helped me to figure out which colors look good together, and I also pay close attention to how the handbag designers put colors together. 2. How have you been growing? The last year has been crazy! I soft launched a week before Christmas for my friends and family, and then really started hustling in January of this year. It’s been awesome to build up Deco’s retail partners lineup and offer the lacquer in more and more places, and I’m really excited to see what the next year will bring! champagne 3. What are your Inspirations behind Deco Miami? Color is all over Miami’s Historic Art Deco District, so much of the packaging and branding decisions are made with that in mind! Otherwise, I try to keep up with pop culture (much harder to keep up than you’d think!) so that I can incorporate it into Deco’s social feed or upcoming colors. 4. How do you select the colours? The colors in the Deco collection are colors that I personally love wearing, and I’m inspired by a ton of things when I’m deciding on them! Usually I have an idea of what shade I want, and then I dive into Tumblr, Pinterest, etc, to find inspiration for the perfect hue. 5. What are your favourite Deco Miami colours? I’m currently obsessing over Instafamous and Better Than The Photos. Usually, Nip Slip is my go-to shade. skull-1-of-1 6. Are there any stories behind each polish colour? There aren’t really many “stories”, but almost all of the lacquers have a little backstory to them! I think my favorite is Male Tears though; while I was in the beginning stages of planning Deco, my roommate was having boy troubles and asked me to make a nail polish color for her that would make her feel like a badass and forget about the stupid guy. So, I made Male Tears for her! The joke behind the name is that when someone asks you what are you wearing on your nails? you can say “male tears, nbd” nonchalantly. Don’t forget to wink. 7. What makes Deco Miami stand out from other polishes? Besides the obvious differences in the bottles and boxes, I really wanted to create a brand that was especially appealing to twenty-somethings, and I take special care to give the polishes names that really resonate with us (I’m 24, so I say “us”!). 8. What has been your biggest achievement to date? Working with subscription boxes has been amazing, and it’s really cool to say that Deco has partnered with recognizable names like Ipsy, Glossybox, and Fab Fit Fun. 9. If there was one person in the world you would want to wear your polish, who would it be? I have a huge girl crush on Gigi Hadid and would die if she wore my polish! I would also love for Kathleen Lights to have my polish! 12724933_626154250873653_507444846_n 10. Where do you see Deco Miami going in the future? The toughest question ever! I’d like to expand Deco into other cosmetics items eventually beyond nail polish, but I can’t make any moves until I’m confident that the packaging and branding can be on par with the nail polish’s. For now you can expect to see some more items in the nail category, and maybe a little Deco merch closer to the holidays. 11. Where can we purchase Deco Miami ? Go to the website to purchase online if you live in the US, ( and if you’re international, check out the list of Deco stockists to find out which retailer partners will ship to your location. 12. If you could create a MeeBox theme what would it be? An art deco theme, duh! champagne-mami-1-of-1

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