Gels at home?

According to BBC website, You and Yours. Dermatologists are worried about a number of chemicals used to bond and cure acrylic and gel nail treatments. If used correctly they are harmless, but experts believe their increased use at home is leading to more and more serious allergic reactions.  One of London's top manicurists and fellow MeeBox bff Metta Francis also warns us about at home Gel nail treatments causing serious allergic reactions. Nails by Mets goes on to say "if you own an at home gel polish/gel/"acrylic" kit, please have a read or listen. This is especially important if you paint or get product on the skin as this can lead to overexposure/allergic reactions. Please be aware before buying and using. There's a reason nail techs train in these products - so we know how to use them correctly on our clients. Boots have pulled these products from their shelves! Leading skin care experts have told You & Yours they've seen a surge in serious allergic reactions to some nail treatment products. They are concerned about the safety of using these products at home, though they are widely sold in high streets shops and online.  Stay safe out there ladies.  At MeeBox we try our hardest to source 'free from' polishes to go into our boxes. Whilst this is not always an option we pride ourselves in choosing polishes with the least amount of harmful chemicals over leading brands any day of the week!

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