Go MeeBox... It's your Birthday!

Hooray! It's been one whole year since the girls and I launched MeeBox. We simply cannot believe we're up to MeeBox #013. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we were brainstorming colours for our very first MeeBox, California Dreamin (hands up if you've been with us since day 1) We wanted to mark the occasion with a theme that reflects our personality while including your usual gorgeous goodies! The August MeeBox theme is: Boho unnamed Bo¬∑he¬∑mi¬∑an noun: "a creative person, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices." It's true, we are three gals with a wanderlust for life, living in 3 different timezones, using our passion for nail polish to drive our creativity in lifting MeeBox up, up and away. Sky's the limit!   The "boho chic" style is immediately recognisable in its 60's and 70's inspired flowing fabrics and patterns but lets not forget that boho is in essence, being true to yourself - there are no hard and fast rules, so expect the unexpected with this theme! FREE GIFT? ...oh go on then What's a birthday party without presents? As we've reached the grand old age of 1, we have not only included the usual MeeBox goodies (which is at least 3 nail polishes + additional nail products!) but a special bonus gift inside too. We're staying tight lipped on this one... no spoilers! TIME TO GET EXCITED! If you're not a subscriber, fear not! We would love to have you on board. Simply visit www.meebox.co.uk to get started. Over and out. Bee x

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