How's this for girl power...?

Some might say girls and cars don't mix... yeah? Don't listen to them! Girls fixing cars... Yasssss! Girls fixing cars whilst you get your nails done...? SIGN US UP IMMEDIATELY! Say hello to Girls Auto Clinic. Started by Patrice Banks who used to fear she was being taken advantage of whenever she visited a mechanics. Statistics have proven that women are more likely to be over charged when they take their car in to get looked at, the cheek of it! Enter Banks who founded Girls Auto Clinic  to provide an overall more pleasant auto-repair experience. Not only are girls fixing cars, there are free monthly workshops where you can learn basic tips on car maintenance. But wait‚Ķ that isn‚Äôt even the best part. The waiting area doubles up as a salon so gals can get their nails done and a blow out whilst waiting for their tune up.  Patrice even has A do-it-herself guide to auto maintenance, roadside emergencies, and the real scoop on how women can get honest car service at the garage. If that isn't girls doing for themselves then tell us what is! #WhoRunTheWorld

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