Introducing Little Ondine... The Peel Off Nail Polish

little-ondine-rumba-1600x1600 Photo: @talontedlex Whilst we were creating the 'All That Glitters' MeeBox, our wish was to feature a beautifully packaged polish filled with bling, that was peel-able and free from toxics. Our wish came true when Little Ondine walked into our lives. They say first impressions go a long way and boy, when we got our hands on a Little Ondine bottle we were obsessed with the packaging before we even tested Rumba (the shade featured in last month's MeeBox). We absolutely loved the instructions that helped us prep our nails like no other polish. We knew this wasn't going to be your average experience a glitter vanish. We then looked at the ingredients and found that each Little Ondine polish is composed of the minerals, featuring natural resin, organic colourants and water to bring the world beautifully pigmented colours with a glossy, shine. Oh my! And did we mention that it's odourless and doesn't require a nail polish remover? Sounds like a dream come true to us (especially when glitter is involved!) Our gal Nathalie sat down with Little Onedine to find out more on what makes them tick... 1. Tell us about Little Ondine. What was background story of Little Ondine? The idea for Little Ondine was born because one of our founders suffered headaches from the smell of his girlfriend's nail polish and nail polish removers. His Uncle's business was making organic wall paint so he made a phone call and asked if his uncle could develop a nail polish that didn't smell? Fast forward to 2015 when Little Ondine launched in the UK and we are still the only nail polish that is naturally derived, vegan friendly, odour free, peels off the nail (no removers needed!) It's fast drying and toxin free. 2. How have you been growing? Over the past 18 months we've become a global brand exporting to more than 35 countries and counting. This has been helped immensely by a fantastic response from consumers and industry insiders alike. We've won more than five awards for both our product and the company as a digital business since launching. We don't have a multi-million pound marketing budget like some of the brands we're competing with and so far have been lucky to have significant growth on the back of word of mouth and editorial media coverage. 3. That's amazing! Can you share your inspirations with our readers behind Little Ondine? Carrying the brand into the future, we're inspired to reimagine nail polish one woman at a time: whether you want the convenience of an odourless, fast-drying product that can be used on the go; a peel off product that you can remove in under 30 seconds without damaging your nails; or you want to make your beauty arsenal "greener"; we're confident women will find something to love in Little Ondine. 4. How do you select the colours One of our core values is that toxin-free beauty shouldn't come at a compromise. That's why we ensure our nail polish is high quality, performs well and is available in a wide range of colours: our base range currently hovers between 85-90 colours depending on the season and we introduce limited edition collections in collaboration with industry insiders (such as Sophy Robson) and of course have limited edition on-trend colours for each season and special holidays (Poinsettia, a crushed ruby-red glitter was so popular last Christmas that it's back again this year as part of the Winter Wonderland: Fireworks collection). 5. What are your favourite Little Ondine colours This might literally be the hardest part of working at Little Ondine: with more than 85 colours to choose from, picking a favourite will always change depending on our mood and the occasion! We've seen Dark Crystal, a slightly shimmered slate colour, grow more and more popular this season and Copper Spark will always be a Christmas favourite. 6. Are there any stories behind each polish colour? All of our colours are produced with the customers in mind: what trends do we need to keep on top of and what classics can we expand on while ensuring the highest quality end product? On some colours & collections we look outside the company for inspiration, for example the Little Ondine x Sophy Robson collection was curated by Sophy Robson, a leading London Nail Technician & Street Artist. Stay tuned in 2017 for some exciting new developments we've been working on! 7. What makes Little Ondine stand out from other polishes? Put simply Little Ondine is a premium all-in-one (easy peel off, 7 free, odourless, dry fast, cruelty free) nail colour brand, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of reimagining nail polish with an innovative patented formula that is practical, stylish, healthy and matches all women's style and lifestyle. 8. What has been your biggest achievement to date? Since launching in the UK we've enjoyed recognition from consumers, journalists, bloggers, buyers and beauty insiders alike. Our first "wow" moment was being featured by Sali Hughes in her Weekend beauty column for The Guardian only 4 months after we launched. Shortly after that we won QVC's second Find a Beauty Brand competition, then we were featured in The New York Times, then we won Best Free From in Women's Health Future 50 Beauty Awards - the list goes on! Less public, but just as heartwarming, are the emails we get from customers who aren't able to use traditional nail polish because they have bad reactions to chemicals frequently used in nail polish and removers. Hearing the stories of women who are genuinely excited just to start using nail polish again. Sometimes after years of having to say "no" it is particularly heartwarming. 9. If there was one person in the world you would want to wear your polish, who would it be? It may be a cliche, but we're big Beyonce fans at Little Ondine. We'd love to do session with her and Blu (toxin free = child friendly) and if that led to a shout out on her Instagram... that would be fine with us! At the end of the day, we just want as many people as possible to know that toxin-free, peel-off, odour-free nail polish is an option. 10. What's the future of Little Ondine? We are working towards being a globally recognised beauty brand. Although it's still early days! Growing in the right way, staying customer-focused and true to our values while maintaining our reputation as leaders in innovation is important to us. 11. Where can our readers purchase Little Ondine? Our full range can be purchased at; join our mailing list for exclusive offers and first access to new releases! We're also available at Planet Organic stores across London, on air at QVC UK and online at Not On The High Street, to name a few.   Follow Little Ondine on...






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