It's a Cyber Mani Monday!

cyber monday deals on themed nail art boxes. By Meebox. No longer a subscription but nail art and inso for EVERYONE
It's a deal, It's a steal, It's sale of the f***** century ;)

Hands up if you are looking forward to the biggest party season of the year?! With the help of Elaine, Molly and Marta we've got you covered on getting some inspo for this new season. AND we're giving you 25% off ALLLLLL our themed boxes.  Lets get this party started shall we!!!

The On Trend Look: So throughout 2018 this amazing royal blue colour has been super on trend down the catwalks and all over the beauty blogs. Influencers  and celebs alike have gone H.A.M with this colour. Elaine has served up some gorgeous swatches and easy-to-do nail art. 

Wanna try this out for yourself? 

The Party Vibe Look: who doesn't like a good rave up? Back in the day you could catch all three of us shuffling to some deep house. Throwing down a good old skank to some UK Garage or waving our arms around like we just didn't care to some Hip Hop. Whatever musical genre was involved you couldn't' go far without seeing your fair share of bright colours mixed into your outfit somehow. Have a peep at Molly's stamping video fun, with our Main stage themed MeeBox.

The Glitterati look: Erm... if you aren't sparkling then what the heck are you doing in life...? Furious Filer aka Marta, shows us how to keep it simple and keep it moving with a simple glitter overlay mani. Get out there and shine!

Oooh look at that accent! Marta's Mani from The Look Book

Wanna see more mani inspo? We have a whole Pinterest board packed with nail art ideas from all 38 of our themed boxes! 

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