MeeBox Ambassador Furious Filer to do Manis at Rooftop

***NEWSFLASH*** MeeBox Ambassador, @FuriousFiler, will be doing free nail art at the Lost Format Society rooftop bar on Saturday 18th June. FuriousFiler, aka Marta, joined the MeeBox family as our Ambassador from January 2016 and I'm sure you will all agree that she has created such gorgeous manis with goodies featured in #BlackberryMargarita, #RedCarpet, #Kawaii, #Hitched and most recently #RiriMee.  Her designs have been a true inspiration. img_1753-1 How did you get into nail art? I was actually never into nails and used to bite them! However I always liked to paint and when I was very young I actually wanted to be an artist. Fast forward a few years and I ended up with a science degree but I still felt the need to have that creative part of life. I remember getting my first striper pen and searching the internet for ways to use it. I discovered this whole nail art world that I never knew existed and I've been hooked ever since. Wow. You would have never have thought looking at your nails that you used to bite them! Tell us what inspires your designs? Patterns of all kinds, colour combinations and the amazing fellow nail artists. There's just something about the order and continuity of patterns that calls to me. I also love trying new colours together because it think it keeps me on my toes when it comes to nail art. There's also so much talent out there that it's impossible not to be inspired by other artists! I couldn't even guess how many design pictures I have saved in my 'to try' folder but you're talking loads! We would love to see that folder one day Marta. What styles are you normally drawn to? A little bit of everything as most of my designs depend on my mood but one thing that you will not see in abundance are floral designs! I try to think outside the box when it comes to many nail accessories, such as water decals, purely because I like to make the most of what I work with and it allows me to push my creativity even more. What are your favourite looks for this summer? Festival nails! You might think that they are an acquired taste but really there's something for everyone. You can go bold with neons, dark and funky with music and band inspired designs or chic with nude boho fringes. What's not to like?! If you were a nail polish colour, what would you be and why? That's easy, it has to be purple and all its shades. I find it to be a very flattering colour and 'exotic' in a way. It has been my favourite colour ever since I can remember. As a teen I even painted my room dark purple much to the exasperation of my parents! Finally, whats been your favourite MeeBox theme? I think they have all been fab but my favourite one has to be #RiRiMee theme inspired by Rihanna. It was so current and all the goodies went so well with the theme. Also 6 treats instead of the usual 5? Yes, please! Indeed! Complimentary nail art is part of Lost Format Society x MeeBox Chick Flick Week. Films to be screened include Mean Girls (16 June) Pretty Woman (17 June) Sex & the City (18 June) Silver Linings Playbook (19 June). MeeBox nail techs will be up on the rooftop on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June from 5-9pm. Entrance to bar and MeeBox pop up nail bar is free however a ticket is required for the cinema. To book and further information, visit Address: Rooftop Cinema + Bar, Top Floor, NCP Fairfield Car Park, Barclay Road, CR0 1JN Closest station, East Croydon

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