Ch ch ch ch Changes! MeeBox 2.0

I'm writing this blog as I listen to "Changes" by David Bowie, which feels pretty apt... because we've got some big ones coming up!

Nathalie, Bee and I have been beavering away behind the scenes working on some big new ideas and we're finally ready to spill the beans...

We've made the bold decision to make MeeBox available to EVERYONE - not just our subscribers!

In a nutshell, this means that we'll be switching OFF the subscription element of our website and opening up our shop so anyone can buy a MeeBox at any time (until we sell out of course... so be quick!)

SO... how will all this go down? I hear you ask. Well I'll tell you:

The MeeBox shop lowdown

  • Did you miss out on a certain theme? Does the FOMO keep you awake at night? Well you may be in luck, because we'll be resurrecting some of our old classics and also putting some others to the vote - Which themes would YOU like to see available to buy again!?
  • NEW themes. You didn't think we'd leave you hanging without the fresh stuff did you? Oh no. New MeeBox themes will still be dropping on the shop, but instead of them being monthly, we'll be releasing QUARTERLY themes (for reasons i'll get into in a minute).
  • I think we can all agree, that when buying a gift for the woman that has everything, nail polish is a solid winner. We'll be releasing MeeBox themes that can be used especially for gifts - so if your mum (for example) isn't a huge neon, holo, stamping fan‚Ķ there will be a Classic MeeBox perfect for her!
  • There are some other pies that we have our (perfectly manicured) fingers in at the moment‚Ķ but we don't wanna jinx it by blabbing prematurely so we'll keep schtum about the other plans for now!

Why the change?

As you're probably aware… it's just us 3 gals here at MeeBox. We started this adventure in 2015 with nothing but some raw determination and Nathalie's credit card. No investors or warehouse full of polish to choose from… Literally just us, building relationships with brands, negotiating prices, designing themes and connecting all you nail art fanatics while you share your mani masterpieces online!

We read all of your comments, emails and feedback each month and we have a recurring theme here ladies:


In order for us to include indie polishes in our themes, we need to give our lovely indie makers LOADS of time to get these mixed for us. After all, these gals are pouring these by hand, and often need time to buy ingredients from overseas so in turn, we need to give them the time they need.

Also, as our numbers grow, our favourite non-indie brands often don't have the amount of stock we need, so we need to allow time to order the polishes, tools and treatments that we've carefully chosen for you!

Also… we know, (we KNOW) we've been SO crap at blogging and creating new content with all of the beautiful nail art that you all create, simply because as soon as one theme ends, then next one begins and we have no breathing room between each one… so we'd rather put out a theme less often and give it all the love and hype it deserves. We hope you agree!

You da best!

We wanna thank every single person that has ever subscribed to MeeBox, bought a subscription for a friend or even helped us spread the word about this girl gang. We feel overwhelmed by the trust you've put in us every single month to deliver you a little slice of Christmas magic.
We now hope you'll join us in this new direction for the MeeBox brand and when we announce a new theme, please go ahead and break the internet by all rushing to to nab yours QUICK! 
…Ok, maybe not completely break the internet, but you know - help us hype the theme each quarter by sharing our announcements and reminding your mates to get theirs before we sell out!

We luh you!

Turn and face the strange‚Ä®
Ooh, look out you rock 'n' rollers‚Ä®
Turn and face the strange

Pretty soon now you're gonna get older‚Ä®
Time may change me‚Ä®
But I can't trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can't trace time

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