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  • | Emma Wood

    MeeBox 038 - APHRODITE

    If there's one place I'd LOVE to visit, It's Santorini in Greece. I've gotta admit, I'm obsessed with the electric blue of the church roofs there. (Don't believe me? just ask my Pinterest board!) View Post
  • | Emma Wood

    MeeBox 037 - POOL PARTY

    Can you believe we turned 3 in August 2018!? We're basically a toddler now, so we decided to don our water wings, slap some SPF on and jump in the pool! View Post
  • They say your vibe attracts your tribe and lets be honest, the MeeBox tribe is up there with the best! Architectural ruins and lost cities have fascinated artists throughout the centuries‚Ķ In June 2017, it was our MeeBox tribe‚Äôs turn to fascinate the entire nail art community with their my... View Post

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