What is the Accent Nail?

watermarble-druzy1 Photo credit: @furiousfiler  If you ever happen to get in get into a conversation with myself, Nathalie or LJ, the probability of anything related to nails is very likely to creep into the conversation (surprise surprise) I’m not gonna deny it – we’re a tad bit obsessed. I recently got into a conversation with a male friend, who asked, what’s the deal with girls painting their accent nails? Does this symbolise girls are ready to get married? What is the significance? I couldn’t give my friend an accurate response but replied, it’s a way we experiment with nail art and I’m sure along the way, a celebrity has made this design famous (my guess would be Rihanna, although don’t quote me on this). Shortly after having this conversation, I popped along to the WAH launch, who were offering free manis – nail art requested were painted on, you guessed it, the accent nail. Personally, I think it’s a way to dip your toe in the nail art pool without going HAM. Let’s face it – some of our office jobs sadly frown on this (if so, get out of there immediately!) It’s also a way for us girls who may be nail amateurs to experiment with ideas, without ruining the perfect MeeBox mani. So – what’s the answer? Why do we paint the accent nail? I decided to ask good old Google, to find out what the nail enthusiasts had to say about this. We found 5 possible explanations: 1. Taking Baby Steps… The accent nail is a great way to dabble in nail art. It showcases a bit of creativity and allows you to play with different colours and designs that compliment the rest of your mani and personal style. Best part is, there is no hard or fast rules to how you paint the accent nail – you can be simple or super experimental as you like (we encourage the later off course!) 2. Finding Love… My male friend may have had a point. Some articles on the interwebs, suggest the girls paint their ring finger to attract a mate. This finger, appears to be the usual go-to choice for the accent nails and somehow, no other nails compare. According to Racked.com,  women might subconsciously trying to get their other halves to put a 'ring on it' (cue Beyonce.) It could be a way to draw attention to a finger with no ring. 3. Your Pocket… If you’re getting your nails done at a salon, the chances are you’ll either be charged per finger or detailed designs will cost at least £10 more than the average asking price. Sometimes, we’re not able to afford a whole full set of nails. Which is why you may end up with the accent nail — purely for economic reasons. 4. The Perfect Shaped Ring Finger… According to Jessica Washick, Harpers Magazine’s nail specialist, the ring finger appears to be the perfect shape to experiment with nail art. “It’s symmetrical. The pointer finger’s kinda off, the pinkie is too small. Basically it’s the only finger you can do an accent on. If you think about it as an artist, the hand as a whole, it does look weird to have a different colour on any other nails so I think it does have a lot to do with aesthetics. I think aesthetically that looks best.” 5. The Ideal Accessory... The accent nail is the perfect way to show creative flair, which the career woman may need to tone down certain fields such as law, finance or education but it’s all about personal preference. We're girls at the end of the day - we like to switch things up,  by adding various nail designs, glitter and colours to all fingers (as seen in the image above, created by MeeBox Amassador, @furiousfiler) We say, mix things up, play with all the colours and accessories in your MeeBox – you don’t have to conform to the accent finger – that’s the beauty of a MeeBox Mani.

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