Trending: The 90s Manicure

The French manicures ( as featured in our last #Hitched box) has been all over the runway for the past few seasons now. You may think they are basic... but basic they are not! Gone are the standard white white french manicure from back in the day and bring forward the creative use of colourful tips, graphic shapes and the use of negative space. Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 07.30.57photo credit @Paintbox nails How did the french come about we hear you ask. Well rumour has it that our friends over at Orly - Jeff Pink (Orly Founder), first created the white tip with a nude overlay so the ladies of Hollywood could have one nail look on a movie set that would match all their costumes. He then took the nail to the Paris runways, where it became the top choice of designers as well, and thus he named it the French manicure. image Source: Refinery 29

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