When time is of the essence, reach for a can.

The nail design renaissance is showing no signs of slowing down, which is why it makes perfect sense to speed the polishing process up. Milk Makeup is the self-professed friend of the "on-the-go" gal, and nothing says "get out the door" faster than an artsy manicure that you can apply in seconds. Spray-Nail-Throwie-Cap1-655x1024 Hot on the heels of Nails inc - Pain can, spray on nail polish comes Milk. The edgy new makeup brand, launched by Milk Studios, is releasing its own version of spray-can polish, along with a collection of nail stencils to help you create intricate designs, cool ombré effects, and even a French manicure, all with the aim of a nozzle and the press of a button. Source: Taylor Bryant for Refinery 29

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