Meet the ambassadors: Polished By Leanne

We fired over some questions to our lovely ambassador Polished by Leanne so we (and you!) can learn more about her and how she achieves her gorgeous manis...

What's your name? What does your family call you? Do your friends have a nickname for you?
My name is Leanne, I don't really have a nickname but some people like to call me Lea for short which I've warmed to over the years

What is your day job? (Apart from being an IG hand model and influencer extraordinaire of course)
I work as a Beauty Advisor at Marks and Spencer

What was the last thing you binged on Netflix?

Oof! We've binged quite a lot recently ... we blitzed through the Madeleine McCann series, but also enjoyed Afterlife with Ricky Gervais 👍

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why? 
The ability to transport anywhere in the world with the blink of an eye.

What are the world's best crisps? (Hard hitting journalism here)

Pringles original. Boring ... but very more-ish!

You're off to a desert island; what ONE nail polish do you take with you?

Something bright and pink - perhaps Fever Pink by Leighton Denny!

Who or what inspires your nail art? 
Probably my Instagram feed and Pinterest - there are so many talented artists out there who inspire me every day.

What has been your favourite MeeBox theme to date and why?

The latest - Atlantis because the colours are so beautiful and I love to stamp (there's a fab plate complete with stamper/scraper. I also really enjoyed the Pool Party box as it was very summery and fun!

How often do you paint your nails?
I probably paint my nails at least 3 times a week, more if I’m swatching for brand 🙈 the longest I go wearing the same polish is 4 days as I don’t bother swatching/changing up my nails when I’m at work.

If you're in a real swatch session, do you use a peel off base so you can keep trying on different colours?

Yes! Peel off base coats make the life of a swatcher so much easier haha! I use UNT.

How often does your left hand match your right hand? Are your nails on both hands the same length?  
They only match when I’m at work haha! My left hand (my cindy hand) usually has shorter nails than my right … but at the moment they seem to have evened out nicely 🙈

Describe your nail prep for us... Do you have recommendations for products you use on your naked nails before you get cracking on your nail art?

I always start by gently pushing back cuticles and applying basecoat onto a clean nail before adding colour. Cuticle oil to finish with is a must too! My old faithful base coat has to be One for All by Leighton Denny, I will use any cuticle oil that I happen to have laying around - but Cienna Rose‚Äôs is one of the nicest that I've tried 🙌🏻

How do you take such beautiful pictures and videos of your manis?
I use my iPhone and a light box. I also use an app to add a frame & watermark and enhance the lighting if needed.

Finally, What do you use to edit your content?
I use PhotoGrid and Enlight

Where can we find you?


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