What really happened to our subscriptions...

May is Mental Health awareness month, given the current climate it has definitely been a challenge for us all.

I know us MeeBox gals have had our up and down days plus all sorts of phases. Personally I've had the drink all the gin phase, the not brush my hair phase. The I'm excited to take photos again phase, the paint my nails phase, the cook all the food and eat all the snacks phase.... you get the idea. 

We want to encourage you all to speak up and share your trauma. It really is ok to not be ok. Talk to your friends, talk to strangers, try something new.

The start of lockdown saw myself Bee and LJ started a 3 week mediation course. we had daily tasks and would check in each day with "day one done" - the simple tasks of being accounted for really did help.

This year we wanted to prioritise our own mental health which meant taking a small step back from MeeBox. We faced quite a few challenges behind the scenes such as changes in the economy, suppliers raising their prices and our fulfilment centre draining our resources. It just wasn't working. So we sat down and had a good hard long think and realised it wasn't sustainable to continue as we were. This break has really helped us think about ways we want to grow MeeBox.

As tragic as this pandemic has been we've each had the opportunity to improve our mental health with new and exciting activities. 

LJ updates us daily with her plant wins - her garden is blossoming with nearly every vegetable known to man.


Bee is feeding her soul with daily home workouts and new meal recipes. 

And I (Nathalie) think I'm the next Bradley Wiggins training for the Tour de whatever by taking up cycling.

We have loved watching the nail community day by day throughout the lockdown with our MeeBox bestie Nails by Mets hosting live nail parties each and every week.

We've loved all your inspirational nail art and wanted to let you know...

Keep going you're doing just fine!


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